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EPUB Instructions

Reading an EPUB

This page has detailed instructions for opening the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde EPUB file on your phone, tablet, or computer.

There are numerous apps to read EPUB files. If you already have one you like, use that. If you don't, I've created instructions for you for the apps I use and like. If you use a Nook, instructions for that device are on the next tab. Scroll down for step-by-step instructions.

On Your Phone or Tablet

  1. Download and install the OverDrive App (the links to download are at the bottom of that page). Or just go to where you usually download apps and get it there.
    Note: You will be asked to create an account or login with a social media account.
    Pro Tip: You may be able to connect with your public library card and get free access to ebooks and audio books. Talk to your local public library to see if they offer this awesome service.
  2. On your phone or tablet, click on the EPUB version of the book. You can choose the one with our without images.
  3. When it asks, choose to open in OverDrive.
    Open in OverDrive
  4. Enjoy!

On Your Computer

  1. Save the EPUB file to your computer. It is a .epub file.
  2. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. Adobe Digital Editions should open after you install it. If it doesn't, open the application.
  3. In Adobe Digital Editions, click on File -- Add to Library.
    File -- Add to Library
  4. Browse to the .epub file on your computer and click on open.
    Select the epub file and open
  5. Double click on the book to begin reading it.
    Double click on the title to read