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Dissertations & Theses

Online Dissertations and Theses

Dissertations and theses are the book-length papers which are the final step in most Masters and Doctoral programs. Many library databases include information about dissertations, but they can be difficult to borrow from other libraries. There are some dissertations and theses are available online. Try searching these websites for online dissertations:

Locating Dissertations & Theses

Most dissertations are only available at the institution where the author received his or her degree. You can use the following sources to locate dissertations that you can then request via Illiad.

The library will try to borrow dissertations or theses from other libraries if you place an Interlibrary Loan Book request. If the dissertation or thesis is unavailable to be borrowed, it can usually be purchased. Contact the Interlibrary Loan office for information about purchasing the dissertation or thesis. The minimum cost to purchase a dissertation or thesis is $28, but it will be yours to keep.

Music Dissertations

If you are looking for a dissertation for a music topic, below are some additional places to search. You can find more information about research music topics on the Music Research Guide.

Thesis Binding

Getting your thesis bound:

When a student has completed his/her thesis, he/she should bring three signed copies to the library (David Guinn) to have them bound. One copy is for the library, one for the department, and one for the student. The library will pay for binding the library copy. The student pays to have the departmental copy and their own copy bound. The cost is $18.50 each, or $37.00 for the two. Checks should be made out to Mansfield University. The library sends shipments to the bindery every other month, so it may take 2 months to get the bound theses back.

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Need Help?


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