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A variety of US and International newspapers are available online in the following databases:

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Colonial/Revolutionary War Era (1775-1779)

Civil War Era (1861-1865)

Civil War Era Newspapers

Daily Journal also called:
     Journal Office
          Sept. 1851 - March 1877 
AN 35 .W5 D3
          Note: North Carolina

National Anti-Slavery Standard
          June 1840 - Apr. 1870
E 449 .A1 N3

          Note: African-American paper
          Note: New York

New York Times also called:
     New-York Daily Times
          1851 - Present
          Microfilm: 1851 - 2002 (daily)
Newspaper Reading Room: Current 3 Months (Sunday only)
          AN 34 .N4 T5
          Note: New York

Pittsburgh Gazette also called:
     Commercial Gazette
     Daily Pittsburgh Gazette
     Daily Pittsburgh Gazette and Commercial Journal
     Gazette and Advertiser
     Gazette Times
     Pittsburgh Commercial Gazette
     Pittsburgh Daily Gazette
     Pittsburgh Daily Gazette and Advertiser
     Pittsburgh Gazette and Commercial
     Pittsburgh Gazette, and Manufacturing and Mercantile Advertiser
     Pittsburgh Gazette Times
     Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
     Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Best of the Press
     Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sun-Telegraph
          July 1786 - Aug. 1927 & 1978-1982
AN 40 .P5 G3

          Aug. 1927 & 1972-1977
AN 40 .P5 P6

Note: Pittsburgh

Southern Confederacy also called:
     Gate-City Guardian
          Feb. 1861 - Feb. 1865
E 482 .S6
          Note: Georgia