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Finding Sound Recordings @ North Hall

  1. Search the MU Catalog for the music or audio book. Be sure to select the "MU Catalog" scope for your search.

  2. If you need to limit your results, on the right side of the screen, limit the Resource Type to "Audio Visual"

  3. If you need to further refine your results, you can limit by location. Music CDs are on First Floor South. Audio Books are on First Floor North. 

  4. You will know you have located a recording when you see the word "Audio CD" above the title. Note the location of the call number, which you will need to locate the item in the library. WORD OF WARNING: Just because it says Audio CD at the top doesn't mean it is an actual CD. In some cases it is a cassette tape or a vinyl record/phonodisc. Look at the call number to verify what format the recording is in.