Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Access to Mansfield University Archives

  1. All requests for access to the Library Archives must begin with the Archives Technician, the Library Director, or in special cases, a library designee.
  2. Archival materials in room 430 and the Archives Work Room in room 204 are currently closed to the public. Archival materials may be retrieved only by an Archives Technician, Information Desk Librarian, the Library Director, or in special cases, a library designee. Everyone entering Archives must sign in.
  3. Archival materials are non-circulating and must be used in designated areas of the library in full sight of library staff.
  4. The Library may place restrictions on use of certain materials, including:
    • books, newspapers, photographs, and any other materials that are fragile
    • corporate records: both administrative and operational records in the University Archives
    • records with prior restrictions placed by donor
    • any items designated “in process” by Archivist or Archives Technician
  5. Materials should be handled carefully. User must abide by the rules and regulations for use of Mansfield University archival materials.
  6. Decisions about whether an item can be photocopied are made by the Librarian or Archives Technician; photocopying will be done by the Librarian, Technician, or her/his assistant - no photocopying shall be done by the patron.
  7. The University has a right to ban users from access to the Archives if they have behaved irresponsibly in relation to materials owned by Mansfield University.