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Code of Conduct

 North Hall Library Code of Conduct

Individual are expected to obey all applicable university policies and laws of the local, state and federal government.
Certain activities, detailed below, are in conflict with the mission of North Hall Library.  They include, but are not limited to, the following prohibited behaviors.
Use and protection of the Collections
1. Removing or attempting to remove library materials, equipment or property without proper checkout or other official library authorization.
2. Failing to either renew or return library materials when due.
3. Concealing library materials in the Library for the exclusive use of an individual or group.
4. Mutilating library materials by marking, underlining, removing pages or portions of pages, removing binding, removing electronic anti-theft devices, using post-its and paper clips or in any other way damaging or defacing library materials.
5. Eating in the Library and drinking (except in approved containers).
6. Smoking in buildings or near entrances and exits.
7. Use of smokeless tobacco.
8. Failing to adhere to copyright laws, including systematically downloading, printing, or disseminating content or resources in violation of copyright laws.
Use and protection of the building and library equipment
9. Being in unauthorized areas of the Library, remaining in the Library after closing or when requested to leave an area or building during emergency situations, drills or when not abiding by The North Hall Library's Conduct Policy.
10. Opening emergency exits / windows except in emergency situations.
11. Parking wheeled vehicles in unauthorized areas outside or inside the Library.
12. Vandalizing or defacing the Library building, furniture or equipment.
13. Maliciously accessing, altering, deleting, damaging or destroying any University Property and / or computer system, network computer program or data.
14. Posting of announcements, flyers, personal invitations, etc. in or on library property.
15. Use restroom facilities for purposes other than which they are intended
The Library Environment
14. Causing a disturbance or engaging in any behavior which interferes with Library activities. Proscribed behavior includes (but is not limited to) rowdiness, noise making,  sexual conduct, verbal abuse, threats of violence, sexual harassment, or use of "fighting words" to harass any person. Rollerblading, skateboarding or skating on Library property.
15. Carrying weapons in the Library unless authorized by law.
16. Bringing an animal into the Library, unless the animal is an authorized accommodation to a person with a disability. Anytime any animal is behaving in a manner incompatible with the essential purposes of the library, the library will immediately insist that the animal exit the library.
17. Shirt, shoes and footwear are required at all times
18. Violations of noise in the designated quiet areas is prohibited
19. Refusing to show ID or submit possessions for inspection to library staff upon request.
20. Defacing or damaging library materials including underlining, highlighting, writing, using paper clips, removing pages, pictures, or security devices.
21. Using alcohol, tobacco or controlled substances.
22. Exhibiting any threatening or intimidating behaviors, e.g., abusive language, threats of violence or harassment.
23. Engaging in any sexual activities including, but not limited to: consensual touching, unwanted or inappropriate advances or touching, harassment or indecent exposure.
24. Interfere with the use of the Library by other patrons, or interfere with Library employees' performance of their duties.
25. Vend, peddle, solicit, or petition in University Library; post or distribute materials without permission

Library fees
26. Failing to pay library fees.

Any patron who commits or attempts to commit any of the offenses listed above -- or any other behaviors illegal under the laws of the University, PASSHE, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or federal government -- is subject to sanctions, including
• Being asked to leave Library premises
• Being reported to the police; and
• Legal prosecution.
• Being banned from the Library