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Computer/Internet Use Policy


The Mansfield University of Pennsylvania North Hall Library is a major information source for the university and community. The library provides access to the larger world of human expression, and connects individuals with the ideas, information, and images they seek and need. Access to printed, visual, physical, electronic and online (Internet) information resources are provided. By providing information across the spectrum of human interests and thought, and making information resources available and accessible to our users, individuals using the library are enabled to exercise their First Amendment right to seek and receive all types of constitutionally protected expression, from all points of view. In providing access to resources, including the Internet, the library is guided by its mission statement and the following American Library Association statements on access to information: Library Bill of Rights and Freedom to Read Statement.  

The North Hall Library provides a physical space for research, study and learning. The library faculty and staff have a responsibility to maintain a pleasant and productive environment. These rules and procedures are designed to establish and maintain this environment. It is expected that all library users will follow these rules and will not infringe on the rights of others as they explore the wide range of information available on the Internet.


The scope of this policy is to define acceptable and prohibited Internet use in the library.

Acceptable Library Internet Use

The library upholds and affirms the right of individuals to access constitutionally protected materials on the Internet, including those materials some users may consider offensive. Parents and guardians are responsible for monitoring their children's Internet access. To fulfill our dual commitments to intellectual freedom and public responsibility we place some restrictions on Internet use in the library.

Prohibited Library Internet Use

  1. Child pornography is illegal, and library users may not use the library's Internet access to view, display, print, download, save to removable media, distribute, send or receive images, text or graphics that violate laws relating to child pornography.
  2. Violations of the University's Acceptable use policy are prohibited.
  3. All library users, regardless of status or affiliation, are subject to all of the restrictions defined in all of these policies and procedures.
  4. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to use the community access computers unless they are under the supervision of a parent, a teacher, or a guardian. Please note that the library is not responsible for monitoring what Internet sites patrons under 18 years of age may be viewing; this is the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the acceptable use guidelines and restrictions that govern the library's and University's computing and Internet resources as stated in these documents may result in: being banned from the North Hall Library; immediate suspension of network, computer and/or Internet access privileges and, where necessary, civil liability and/or criminal prosecution.

Policy for computer use in North Hall Library by a member of the community ( non-faculty/staff/student)

  • Anyone without a valid employee or student Mansfield University ID must first contact the information desk before using the library's computers
  • The information desk will have sign-in sheet. After the guest patron signs in, they will then be escorted to designated public use computers.
  • Individuals without proper Mansfield identification found using computers reserved for Mansfield staff, faculty and students will be issued one warning. Second offenses will result in the offender being indefinitely barred from the library.
  • Reinstatement of library privileges for non-Mansfield University patrons is at sole discretion of the Library Director.
  • Time limits may apply when people are waiting to use the computers.


Effective: June 5, 2007
Updated January 29, 2009