Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

Vision Statement

Philosophical Statement of the North Hall Library

North Hall Library will readily embrace the possibilities afforded by the digital age while still remaining true to the values of educational excellence and intellectual inquiry.

We will support the Mansfield University community in the pursuit of an education grounded in the liberal arts and in the personal development of character, scholarship, cultural awareness and service.


North Hall Library will uphold intellectual honesty and integrity by embodying the core values of librarianship, including: equal access to information; intellectual freedom; objective stewardship of information; and the right to know without fear of censorship or reprisal.


Because information serves as the lifeblood of an academic community, North Hall Library must play an integral role in providing the resources necessary for the pursuit of intellectual growth. Our primary goal will be to support the University curriculum and facilitate access to the world of scholarly information.


As the cultural touchstone of the University, North Hall Library will serve as a physical and virtual repository for vast and diverse collections of material relating to the arts, humanities and sciences, both for leisure and for academic pursuits.


North Hall Library will be committed to promoting the information literacy skills necessary for life-long learning, which is indispensable to informed citizens and to active participants in the global community. We will lead by example as we serve our patrons with care, understanding, and the knowledge that our interactions may have far-reaching effects.