Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Public Services Vision Statement

The role of the Public Services Division of the North Hall Library will be to connect people with needed information resources, to teach students information literacy skills, and to develop collections—in the most appropriate formats—in support of Mansfield University’s varied curricula as well as other cultural and leisure pursuits.


North Hall Library will uphold intellectual honesty and integrity by embodying the core values of librarianship, including: equal access to information; intellectual freedom; objective stewardship of information; and the right to know without fear of censorship or reprisal. We will impartially select materials offering a wide range of perspectives in an effort to grant our users access to the information necessary for formulating ideas and fostering personal growth.


We will work closely with the faculty to develop and promote collections and services to meet the educational needs of the Mansfield University community. We will teach Mansfield University’s students information literacy skills—identifying the need for, finding, evaluating, and applying information—to further their intellectual development and lay the foundation for life-long learning.


We will build collections and sponsor programs that represent various cultures and viewpoints to expose our users to new ideas while maintaining core materials that enhance Mansfield University’s rich heritage.


We will provide friendly, efficient, and responsive service to the Mansfield University community, to MU alumni, and to the general public in support of their individual learning goals and needs.