Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Technical Services Vision Statement

Philosophical Statement of Technical Services

Technical Services will be dedicated to working cooperatively with other library units to provide exemplary library services for the academic community; to following and supporting national standards and practice in organizing informational resources; to conserving and accounting for expenditures; to promoting the creative use of staff talent in the delivery of services; and to maintaining a quality online catalog that allows electronic access to resources by the global community.


Technical Services will uphold intellectual honesty and integrity by embodying the core values of librarianship, including: equal access to information; intellectual freedom; objective stewardship of information; and the right to know without fear of censorship or reprisal. Intellectual honesty and integrity will be evident in the soundness and completeness of the Library's online catalog and the ethical acquisition of materials.


Technical Services' primary goal is to organize and process resources to facilitate the pursuit of intellectual growth.


Technical Services upholds North Hall Library's role as a repository of diverse collections by acquiring, cataloging, and preserving material supporting the University's liberal arts curriculum and mission.


Technical Services will be committed to obtaining materials and providing a quality online catalog that allows access to resources by the global community.