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Faculty Guidelines for Submitting E-Reserves

If the North Hall Library owns the material that you would like placed on reserve. Please fill out the Book or Other Material Reserve Request, Journal Article Reserve Request, or Electronic Audio Reserve Request. The library will handle the submission of materials for you.

To submit materials you own for electronic audio reserve, bring the recording to the Circulation Desk along with a completed Electronic Audio Reserves Printable Form (MS Word).

To submit journal articles or book chapters that you own for e-reserve, please follow these steps for preparing your materials for e-reserve. Once you have the copies ready to submit, bring them to the Circulation Desk along with the completed E-Reserves Printable Form (MS Word).

  • Clean, first generation copies of material if at all possible -- the scanned pages will lose a bit in translation, so it is helpful to start with a good quality copy.
  • Maximum file size of 20 pages, larger articles broken into parts
  • No more than one chapter or 10% of a book may be put on electronic reserve unless permission is granted by the copyright holder.
  • No more than one article from a journal issue may be put on electronic reserve unless permission is granted by the copyright holder.
  • A copy of the copyright page, or if that is unavailable, full bibliographic citation included.
  • 8 1/2 x 11 paper
  • Single-sided copy only
  • Landscape or portrait, not both in same article
  • No holes or tears
  • No staples
  • Least possible shadow in spine (hint: eliminate by turning book so that copier light runs down spine, as opposed to across spine)
  • Material already in PDF form gratefully accepted, may be submitted either on CD or as an e-mail attachment. This also applies to word documents in general.
  • Each article or chapter will be in its own file (up to 20 pages, larger ones will be broken into parts) and the title of the article or the chapter will be the title of the electronic reserve up to 50 characters.
  • Allow three to four working days for processing of all electronic reserves before assigning to students
  • Please make every effort to get everything you need on Reserve into the library before the beginning of the semester.

For comments or questions regarding reserves visit our Reserves and E-reserves page, or contact:

Nichole Book (Circulation Desk),, 570-662-4687