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Linking to E-Reserves

You can place a link to your e-reserves in your Desire2Learn course. Here is how you you can place links into Desire2Learn.

  1. Locate your e-reserve in the MU Library Catalog (PILOT). (If you need help using the e-reserve system, please see the Guide to Accessing E-reserves.) You want to be at the screen where there is a link that says "Click here for article."
  2. Right-click on the the link and select "Copy Shortcut".

    Linking to E-reserves

  3. Log into Desire2Learn.
  4. Access Content on Navigation Bar.
  5. Select New Topic.
  6. Select Quicklink.
  7. Select parent module (unit).
  8. Put in descriptive title.
  9. Paste URL into URL: location.
  10. Save.

Now, your e-reserve will be linked in your course.

If you need assistance with linking library resources to Desire2Learn, please contact Sheila Kasperek. If you need assistance with Desire2Learn in general, please contact Tamela Bastion at 662-4857.