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International Marketing; Step 1: Companies

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International Marketing Research Strategy

  1. Look for information on a product by researching the company that owns it.
  2. Research the country that you want to sell the product in.
  3. Look at trade and marketing information for your country and product.
  4. Check to see if any information is available from industry organizations.
  5. Review culture and etiquette information to make sure there is a good cultural fit for your product.

Step 1: Get info on companies that already sell your product

When looking at marketing a product in another country, check to see what information is available about that product and/or the company that sells it.

You will find more information on public companies than private one. If the product you want to research is owned by a private company, you can find useful information by looking at similar public companies.

Step 1: Find out the company that makes the product you want to research.

Step 2: Find the Ticker Symbol of the company (if it is public) or a similar public company (if it is private).

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