North Hall Library


Employee Expectations

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

General Expectations

This section of the website will go over what is contained in our Employee Handbook which you will receive a copy of.  You and your supervisor will also go over this information in person.  


Student assistants are indispensable to the operation of the North Hall Library. Besides staffing desks in the circulation, microforms, and reference departments of the library, they also work in the ILL, Archives and technical services departments performing many tasks from shelving books and other materials (CDs, Kits etc.) to trouble shooting computers.  Because this service is so important, the library seeks to hire and retain students who are dependable, knowledgeable, customer service oriented, and interested in library or computer work.  


In addition to primary job-related duties, you will also be trained on the following:

  • Mansfield University Campus Lockdown Policy
  • North Hall Library privacy standards

Work Schedules

Work schedules are determined by your supervisor based on your university-approved availability. University-approved simply refers to your courses and university-sponsored activites (clubs, band, choir, etc). Essentially, you may not be able to work when you want to, but rather when we need you, based on your schedule.

Assistants are expected to be at work on time and not leave early. Work hours are 60 minutes, not 50-minute class hours. Students are permitted to leave five minutes early in order to get to class if it is immediately following a shift. Library clocks are approximately three minutes faster than other clocks on campus; this means you have eight minutes to get to class (there is nowhere on campus that takes longer than eight minutes to get to). Any requests for schedule changes must be discussed with your supervisor in advance. Assistants are expected to work their full award. This means all scheduled hours throughout the semester, including finals week period.

Assistants working four (4) consecutive hours receive a 15-minute paid break, not to be reflected in your timesheets. A 30-minute meal period must be taken and recorded on your timesheet after five (5) consecutive hours of work. 

Student assistants who cannot work their assigned times must arrange for a substitute.  In case of sudden illness or emergency notify your supervisor as soon as possible prior to your scheduled time of duty. Students may call in sick three times per semester without a doctor/clinic excuse.  An excuse will be required for all additional absences due to illness.  See Section on absences and missed shifts.


The University uses online timesheets and student assistants must enter their hours into the system at the end of each scheduled work shift. Students must enter AND sign their timesheets on E-Time in order to be paid in a timely manner.Time is figured in 15-minute increments. Portions of hours worked are submitted only as follows: 15 minutes = .25 (1/4 hour), 30 minutes = .50 (1/2 hour), 45 minutes = .75 (3/4 hour).

You must enter and sign your E-Time by the end of the day on Friday.  Please enter your time daily, it should be the first thing you do when you sit down at the computer.

Any questions about E-Time should be directed to your Supervisor immediately.

Personal Guidelines

Assistants must wear modest and appropriate clothing for work. No hats may be worn during work hours unless a head-covering is required for religious or cultural expression. 

Food is not allowed in the library ( you do not need to enforce this policy).  Use of any and all tobacco products is prohibited in the library.  At the discretion of the Supervisor or Director of Library and Information Resources, non-alcoholic beverages in closed, spill-proof containers (such as travel mugs, screw-on or pop-up plastic bottles) are permitted.  Containers such as open cups, soda cans, and Styrofoam cups with removable lids are not acceptable.  If working at a pubic service desk, any approved container must be kept out of the view of patrons (not on the desk).  Snacking or eating can be done at the table provided in the Reserve Room or at the small desks behind the Circulation Desk.  This is to be done in moderation, remember patrons come first!  Do not abuse this privilege or I will take it away.

Personal work is only permitted when library assignments are completed. Assistants may not have visitors while they are working. Please do not be rude to anyone, even if they are your friends. Just keep it short and sweet, then politely ask them to move along so you do not get reprimanded. You may have your phone out on the desk, but only as a tool.  You may briefly respond to texts and check reminders, calendar information etc... no games, social media.  Use of audio devices, headphones or other sound equipment is prohibited.

Backpacks and coats must be kept out of sight at public service desks.  Please keep your bags and the circulation area neat and tidy.

Customer Service

Respect others and expect others to respect you.  Any disrespect to customers, other student assistants, faculty and staff during work hours will not be tolerated. Our customer service goal is to provide quality service to the information seeker delivered with Accuracy, Courtesy, and Excellence (ACE).   When faced with non-job related questions send the person seeking the information to the information desk.  Do not hesitate to ask questions about any library procedure(s) or regulation(s). Questions should be directed to your immediate supervisor. It is better to ask than to assume anything.

Library student assistants are extremely visible to the public.  While working in the library, please keep all verbal and non-verbal interactions with the public professional and courteous. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Give the same level of service you would want to receive.  In the eyes of our patrons, you represent the library!

Absences and Missed Shifts

If you have something that you want to do during your scheduled shift:

  • Request a replacement using the shift substitution form on the clipboard next to the Circulation Schedule as well as in Teams.
    • If you cannot find a replacement within 3 days of the missed shift, please speak with your supervisor, Nichole Book in person or via Email as soon as possible, so we can determine what action can be taken.  

If you have a school-sponsored activity that prevents you from working your shift:

  • Request a replacement using the shift substitution form on the clipboard next to the Circulation Schedule as well as in Teams.
    • If you cannot find a replacement within 3 days of the missed shift, please speak with your supervisor, Nichole Book in person or via Email as soon as possible and I will arrange for coverage.

If you have an emergency or sudden illness that prevents you from working:

  • Contact your supervisor Nichole Book (570-772-9527 (cell) 570-662-4687(office), no matter what, that means email, text me, leave a message or let me know in Teams. 
  • If the missed shift is when your supervisor is here (Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 3:30pm) contact Nichole Book.
  • If it is at night or on the weekends or your supervisor is unavailable please contact the Information Desk (570-662-4671) and the Circulation Desk (570-662-4670).  
  • Calling after you have missed your shift is unacceptable.

Leaving work early is only allowed if you are sick:

  • Discuss your leaving with your supervisor immediately. If she is unavailable, contact the Information Desk (570-662-4671) or Amanda Sanko (570-662-4681).

Sexual Harrassment

In accordance with university policy, the library will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment.  Please report any incidents to your supervisor or the Director of the Library and Information Resources.


Any of the following indiscretions can result in dismissal from your employment at North Hall:

  • Falsifying payroll information will result in immediate termination.
  • Habitual tardiness is grounds for dismissal after a written warning has been made.
  • Missing scheduled work hours without arranging for a substitute or notifying your supervisor, or missing work for inappropriate reasons will result in termination after one written warning.
  • Failure to provide a doctor/clinic excuse after three absences for illness will result in dismissal.
  • Continual poor work performance is reason for dismissal when appropriate written warning has been made.
  • Student assistants are forbidden to disclose to third parties any personal information about patrons as explained in the Statement of Understanding of “Privacy Act of 1974”.  Disclosing of personal information will result in immediate dismissal and possible criminal charges.  
  • Confidential information, i.e., passwords, phone numbers are confidential and cannot be disclosed.  Failure to do so will result in dismissal.
  • Theft or deliberate destruction of library property will result in immediate dismissal.

Other infraction(s) as determined by supervisor(s) or Director of Library and Information Resources.