North Hall Library


Circulation Area Overview

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

What goes where?

The Circulation Area can be very confusing, but after working for a few weeks you will begin to understand where things belong.  Some items will not be needed often and therefore you may forget where to find them.  This website should serve as guide for those moments.  


To ensure a smooth running library, it is essential that the organization of materials returned at the Circulation Desk is maintained properly.  So we have simplified the carts.  All books go on the top shelf and all media items go on the second shelf.  Closed Stacks, Study Pictures and Oversize Books go on the bottom flat shelf.  These books do not need to be in any particular order.  The Circulation Supervisor will transfer the books to the shelves in the back so the stacks students can shelve them.  

ILL Books that are returned go on the top shelf of the small cart by the Circulation Supervisor's Office and ILL Slips go on the second shelf of the same cart.


Circulation Periods


  • 3 Weeks
    • All Books
    • DVD’s/VHS
    • CD’s
    • Kits
  • 7 Day
    • 7 Day Laptops
  • 1 Day
    • Umbrellas
    • All Course Reserves that are indicated as One Day (Orange)
  • Library Use Only
    • Laptops
    • Phone Charger
    • Headphones
    • Study Room Keys
    • Whiteboards and Markers
    • All Course Reserves that are indicated as Library Use Only (Pink)


  • End of Term
    • Books from the Bookstacks
  • 3 Weeks
    • Baker and Taylor Books (Popular Reading)
    • DVD/VHS
    • CD’s
    • Kits

Community Patrons

  • 3 Weeks
    • Books from the Bookstacks
    • Baker and Taylor Books
    • DVD/VHS
    • CD's
    • Kits


Library Locations

This is a comprehensive list of where things in the library are located.  



  • YA Display and Graphic Novels

North: Education Library

  • Materials: Children's Collection (call number preceded by JUV), Curriculum Guides, K-12 Textbooks, and Study Pictures.
  • Bathroom
  • Stacks Desk

East: Closed Stacks (staff only)

  • Materials: Cassette players, Cassettes, Compact data disks, Kits, Overlays, Oversized kits, Phonodiscs, Slides, VHS

South: Music Library

  • Materials: CDs, music books, music scores, and miniscores.
  • Conference room 130 and Screening Room 135
  • Media rooms 131-134

West: Visual News Library

  • Bathroom


  • New book display (budget permitting)

North: Reference Collection

  • Materials: Reference collection (call numbers preceeded by REF)
  • Bathroom
  • MAD Lab
  • Printing Area
    • B&W Printers
    • Color Printer
    • Color Copier
  • Reference/Information Desk
  • Oversize and Extra Oversize Stacks

East (staff only):

  • Inter-Library Loan
  • Mail Room
  • Student Assistant Lockers


  • Circulation Desk/Reserves
  • Popular Reading Area (B&T collection - All have a red B&T sticker on spine)
  • Traditional Reading Room


  • Conference room
  • Director’s Office
  • Staff bathroom


  • Academic DVDs


  • Bathroom
  • Book stacks: Call number range A-HT

East: Virtual Reality Room

  • Micro cards, Microfiche & Microfilm


  • Micro cards, Microfiche & Microfilm


  • Group space
  • Newspapers & Periodicals
  • Audio Books, Popular Movies: Call Numbers PN1997.2, and Popular TV Series: Call numbers PN1992.77
FOURTH FLOOR (Quiet Floor)


  • Book stacks: Call number range HV-PR
  • Classroom 429


  • Microfilm Scanning Room
  • Group Study Area


  • Individual study rooms


  • Book stacks: Call number range PS-Z
  • Group Study Room