North Hall Library



A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Alma and RFID

These are the computer programs you will be using when you check out/check in library materials to patrons.  There are three computers a the Circulation Desk and each one is used for a very specific purpose.  Below there will be a full layout of what each computer is used for as well as your responsibilities in relation to each task.  

Special Note about RFID:  You will need to toggle back and forth for checking materials in and checking materials out.  The icons are clear and will be explained below.

Special Note about Alma:  This is the program you will be in and out of all day.  This program times out often which means logging back in often.  Keep in mind most of the features you will never use, so do not become overwhelmed by the program itself.  From your point of view it will be easy and straightforward.

Computer #1 - Set up


This computer is used for checking out and returning the following items:

  • Laptops (7 Day and Library Use Only)
  • Study Room Keys (3 Hours)
  • Umbrellas (1 Day)
  • Headphones (Library Use Only)
  • Phone Chargers (Library Use Only)
  • White Boards (Library Use Only)
  • White Board Markers and Eraser (Library Use Only)
  • Professor’s Reserve Materials (Library Use Only, 1 Day or 3 Day)

 Open Google Chrome. Select the Bookmark on the toolbar ALMA or go to this website and login (username: 001 | password: Circ2018).

When logged in at the Reserve Computer, you will always be considered at the Reserve Desk in Alma. You can check this by looking at the location on the toolbar.

Since we DO NOT use RFID for Reserves (because we always want them to be secured). Make sure RFID is turned OFF   in the toolbar also (the icon will be grey instead of white).

Computer #2 - Set up

Computer #2

The second computer is used checking out and returning all non-reserve library materials.

Upon startup the 3M Pad Staff Workstation opens. Click the button showing the image of a person walking out the door (it will turn green once you have) in order to check out materials - this should also be the default setting.

If this program does not open for any reason double click this icon to open the program.  

This is what secures materials when you return them and unsecures them so the patron can walk through the security gate without beeping.

When you need to return an item you will have to change the direction of the pad to the arrow pointing at the bookshelf, it will turn yellow.


Open Google Chrome .  Select the Bookmark on the toolbar ALMA or go to this website and login (username: 007 | password: Circ2018).

 Special Note:  It is critical that you use the above login for main checkout.

  1. When you are at the Main Circulation Computer you should always be at the Circulation Desk for your Alma Location.  You can verify by checking the toolbar at the top of the main screen.


 Make sure that RFID is turned OFF in the Alma toolbar  (icon will be grey instead of white), so that it works through the Workstation you opened in Step One.