North Hall Library


Computer #1: Reserves

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Reserves - General Maintenance

Reserve Area

This entire area must be maintained by the Circulation Staff and that includes you.  It is expected that all items from headphones and phone chargers to professors reserves are returned to where they belong and in a neat and tidy manner.  The circulation supervisors checks this area regularly and has high expectations as to its organization and maintenance.

Reserves - Check Out


  1. There are three ways to locate the checkout screen.
    1. Option A: Click the  icon to the right of the Alma logo, then navigate to .

      - OR -

    2. Option B: From the Alma dashboard, click Manage Patron Services next to Recent pages.

      - OR -

    3. Option C: Click the FULFILLMENT heading and navigate to Manage Patron Services.

  2. Here you will either scan the patron’s ID or enter their 7-digit ID number and click Go.

  3. Once the patron record opens, make sure you are on the Loan tab (this should be the default). Scan the item barcode.
    1. If a patron requests a laptop, be sure to ask whether they want a 7-day or Library Use Only laptop.
      1. For your reference, 7-day laptops have yellow tape on the bag (and say 7-day on the bag).
  4. Once all items are checked out, inform the patron of the due date (1 day/7 day) OR if it is Library Use Only and click Done.
    1. 7 Day Laptops cannot be renewed.  Please check the laptop in, make sure there are more in the back and check it back out to the patron.   Update the Laptop Spreadsheet with a new entry.

Special Reserve Notes

Special Notes Regarding Reserves

This is very important!  If you are not seeing the Manage Patron Services or Return Items tabs check your location in Alma.  If you are not at the Reserve Desk it will not allow you to check things out!

Make sure to use the 001 login at Computer #1 and do no Main Circulation functions under this login.

Professor’s Course Reserves are shelved alphabetically by Professor’s last name.  Please try to keep them in order. 

When looking for a reserve book if you do not find it right away look around where it belongs, don’t just give up (it is not uncommon to find a Guenther in the Guignard’s or McEvoy in the Mayo’s)

Take your time when returning the books to keep the shelves tidy and in order.

Customer Service Moment:  Try to help the students figure out what book they are looking for.  Ask them questions, if they do not know their professor’s name ask them what class it is, you might actually know. 

Keep in mind the book is often not there because it is checked out, if that is the case let the student know that they can try back later. 

As always if they need further assistance ask someone – if she is available ask Nichole – she processes all the reserves and has a pretty extensive knowledge about what is or isn’t on reserve.  You can also send them to the Information Desk where they may be able to provide further services to the student.


  • There is an exception to the policy stating nobody with a fine over $25.00 may check out materials.  They can only check out a course reserve for a class, no laptops or other materials.  
  • Fill out the form in the red folder and place it in my inbox once returned.


First and foremost, let’s make sure we are checking in every laptop.

7 Day Laptops cannot be checked back out to a patron if there are none on the shelf, so please check.

If there is something wrong with a laptop upon its return.  Fill out a Laptop Trouble Ticket.  They are in the red folder at the reserve desk.

Headphones & Study Room Keys

Check them in- please make sure you are checking these items in otherwise students get undeserved fines.  This is a huge part of customer service and I need you to do your part.

Final note – Please tell patrons how long they can have each item.  Because the loan periods vary it is important to make the distinction verbally.

Professor wants to add or remove a Reserve


It is imperative you know what to do if a professor comes in wanting to put items on or take items off of reserve.

To put items on reserve…

  • Professors must fill out a reserve form, which is located both on our website as well as in the drawer at Circulation (marked “Reserve Forms”).
    • Physical reserves: Make sure they fill the form out completely and put it in the Circulation Supervisor’s inbox with the items (if items are professor owned; if library owned, they will be collected when processed).
    • EAR Reserves Make sure the form is filled out completely and put in the Circulation Supervisor's Inbox.

To remove an item from reserve…

  • When a professor wants their items removed from reserve, separate professor owned items from library owned items.
  • Remove the reserve cards from the inside of the items.
  • Return personal copies to professors and put library owned items on appropriate carts to be shelved.

Put the reserve cards with a note in the Circulation Supervisor's Inbox