North Hall Library


Paying Fines

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Paying Fines

You will be responsible for accepting Fine payments from Library Patrons.  You will also receive payments for Community Printer transactions and Faxes.  You should mostly be concerned with fine payments.  If a student has a fine over $25.00 their account is blocked and they are unable to check out any library materials.  The Circulation Supervisor is the only person who can override this.  

How to accept a Fine Payment - Step 1 Voyager


  1.  Go to Manage Patron Services.
  2. There are three ways to locate the checkout screen.
    1. Option A: Click the  icon to the right of the Alma logo, then navigate to .

      - OR -
    2. Option B: From the Alma dashboard, click Manage Patron Services next to Recent Pages.

      - OR -

Option C: Click the FULFILLMENT heading and navigate to Manage Patron Services.

  1.  Here you will either scan the patron’s ID or enter their 7-digit ID number and click Go.



  1. If the Patron has a hold on their Library and University Accounts this will pop-up after you enter the patron’s barcode or 7 digit.  GIVE YOUR SUPERVISOR A NOTE AFTER THIS PATRON PAYS THEIR FINE!

Click Ok and proceed to the next step.

Special Note:  If this happens after Nichole or Amanda are gone for the day you will need to have the Information Desk login and override any transaction the patron would like to complete – still leave a note!


  1. You will see at the Patron Information at the top of the screen there will be an amount listed next to Active Balance.


  1.  Click Pay and it will bring you to this payment screen.



  1. Select a Payment Method – Cash, Check or Mountie Money



  1. Change the dollar amount if they are not paying the entire amount.
  2. Click Send
  3. Click Confirm















How to Accept a Fine Payment - Step 2 Notebook

1.  Fill out the fine and fee notebook, kept in the drawer below the cash register.  



Payment Type

(Circle One)



(Circle One)


Print Name













Mountie $






Enter the date, your initials, circle Fine and the tender used to pay (Cash, Check, Mountie Money), print the patrons name, have the patron sign the form, and enter the amount.  Special Note:  Make sure to only put in the dollar amount they paid – not how much money they gave you and the change you provided, leave that for Step 3, the Cash Register. 

How to Accept Fine Payment - Step 3 Cash Register

Cash Register Procedures


Library Fines

  1. Once you touch the screen this will appear, touch OK and it will bring up the main menu


2.  This is the main menu you will work from, touch Library Fine


Enter Amount

  1.  Touch Mountie Money, Cash or Check



  1.  If you select Cash

 Enter the amount of money you were handed.  For example if the fine is $0.02 like above and you were handed a dollar bill it will tell you what the change is.

 The drawer opens and the receipt prints.  Hand the patron their change and receipt. 


  1.  If you select Check
    1. The drawer opens and the receipt prints.  Hand the patron their receipt.



  1.  If you select Mountie Money
    1. It will say Enter Card Number, slide card or type in Barcode and hit enter.

The drawer opens and the receipt prints.  Hand the patron their receipt. 



  1.  Touch Continue when the sale is complete