North Hall Library



A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk


This page contains many small yet informative parts of working the Circulation Desk.


If you are asked or have time and there are two people at the desk these are areas that you can clean.  There are rags and cleaner on a shelf between computers #2 and #3.  

1.  All surfaces at the Circulation Desk

2.  Phones

3.  Computers

4.  Shelves in the Reserve Area

5.  Clean and Organize Lost and Found

6.  Glass Shelves in the B&T area


There is a small green tray of keys by the Lost and Found next to the Supervisor's office.

In here are a variety of keys that you may find useful.  The key to the copier cabinet and the employee restroom that you may use. (see Map).

There is a key to the side door of the Traditional Reading Room (Kitchen) if you absolutely need to get in there.  There is also a key to the media area on the first floor, this key will also get you to the employee kitchen if you need to put something in the refrigerator.

Lost and Found

There are two areas of Lost and Found, one is on the desk next to the Circulation Supervisor's office and the other is in the Reserve area.  Please keep these both organized and well maintained.  

You will be asked about Flash Drives almost daily.  When they are found we try to contact the person they belong to but students are more than welcome to browse the ones we have to see if they can find the one they lost.