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Faxing Procedures

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk


This page tells you how to Fax and how to take payment for Faxes.

Faxing Procedures

Faxing Procedures


  1. Sending a Fax
    1. Use the Community Printer/Fax Machine at the Circulation Desk.
    2. If it is on Sleep Mode press the green button in the corner to activate the machine.
    3. When the menu comes up select Fax
    4. Place the items to be faxed in the paper feeder at the top of the Fax Machine.
    5. Type in the long distance code:  *6*912660#9 and the telephone number of where the fax is going.
    6. Press the green button and wait to make sure the fax goes through.  
    7. ‚ÄčIf it does not go through, try it again.  Make sure you have a confirmation page before the patron pays and return their originals.
    8. Proceed to taking the payment as we have always done.

Faxing Payment Instructions

Step 1:  Process Fax Payments on the Cash Register

  1. Fax Sent/Received – A Supervisor/Librarian will bring the person who faxed to the Circulation Desk to pay. 
    1. These are set prices, $3.00 to send and $2.00 to receive.
    2. Touch Fax Sent or Fax Received
    3. Touch Subtotal
    4. Touch Cash or Mountie Money
      1. If you touch Cash
      2. Enter the amount of money you were handed.  For example if the fine is $0.02 like above and you were handed a dollar bill it will tell you what the change is.

 The drawer opens and the receipt prints.  Hand the patron their change and receipt. 

  1. If you touch Mountie Money
  2. It will say Enter Card Number, slide card or type in Barcode and hit enter.

The drawer opens and the receipt prints.  Hand the patron their receipt. 


  1.  Touch Continue when the sale is complete.


Step 2 - Fill in the Fine and Fee Notebook

Get out the Notebook, it is kept in the drawer below the cash register.  You only need to enter the date, your initials, circle fax, circle Cash or Mountie $, and fill in the amount.  You DO NOT need the name of the patron or their signature.  



Payment Type

(Circle One)



(Circle One)


Print Name













Mountie $