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Community Users

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Community Users

This page gives you an overview of the services and procedures involving community users.

Community Users

Community Patrons

Community patrons are members of the local community who wish to have borrowing privileges or computer access, but are in no way affiliated with the University.

Applications for Community Users

If someone expresses interest in becoming a Community Patron, they must fill out a Community Patron Application, located in the drawer at the Circulation Desk marked Community Patron Application. They must complete this form in its entirety and have $25 for the application fee.

Their completed application and application fee should be given to the Circulation Supervisor. If they are unavailable, the Information Desk should be contacted to secure the application & funds in the Circulation Supervisor’s office.  

Application process can only be processed between 8am and 3:30pm Monday through Friday. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule, as the application also must process through CCSI and they do not have evening or weekend hours.

Once their application has been processed, they can take their application to CCSI along with an additional $5 to have their card made. Once the patron returns, their barcode must be entered into the system by the Circulation Supervisor. If they are unavailable, contact the Information Desk or fill out the Add New Patron form on the clipboard by Computer #2.

Community Computers

Many community users come to the library to take advantage of our free computer usage. During Fall and Spring semesters, send these users to the Information Desk. During summer and winter breaks, ask your supervisor whether or not there is someone at the Information Desk to assist these patrons.  

Community Printer

Community Printer

Community users sometimes come to the library to print. While these users send their documents for printing from the community computers across from the Information Desk, they retrieve their print jobs from the Circulation Desk. The cost for this service is $0.15 per page.

Sometimes students print to the community printer for free when a printer malfunction before finishing their request. If you are unsure of whether or not a patron is supposed to pay for their document, contact the Information Desk for clarification.

When the printer next to the Circulation Supervisor’s office prints, you will want to retrieve these items. If a community user comes up to pay for their prints follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Cash Register

  1. Community Printer
    1. Touch Times X Icon FIRST, enter the number of prints.

  1.  Touch Comm Prints, the number of prints you entered will appear in the corner.

  1.  Touch Subtotal
  2. Touch Cash (Community Prints have to be paid in cash)
  3.  Enter the amount of money you were handed.  For example if the fine is $0.02 like above and you were handed a dollar bill it will tell you what the change is.

 The drawer opens and the receipt prints.  Hand the patron their change and receipt. 

  1. Touch Continue when the sale is complete.

Step 2 - Fill in Fine and Fee Notebook

Get out the Notebook, it is kept in the drawer below the cash register.  You only need to enter the date, your initials, circle Printer, circle Cash, and fill in the amount.  You DO NOT need the name of the community patron or their signature.  



Payment Type

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Print Name








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