North Hall Library



A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Safety Procedures

What you need to know for Fire Alarms, Lockdown Drills and Medical Emergencies

It is important to know how to respond in case of an emergency. Review this section regularly to ensure your own safety.

Fire Alarm

  1. When the fire alarm sounds, immediately exit through the main entrance.
  2. Proceed down the stairs to the side of the building and go to Straughn Auditorium.
  3. Wait there until given the all clear to return to the building.


If you are working at the Circulation Desk and receive notification of a lockdown and no regular library employee is immediately available, make an announcement over the library intercom system stating “A librarian is needed immediately at the Circulation Desk.” Repeat the message every 30 seconds until a library employee arrives. To work the intercom, simply push the button on the base and speak into it.

If there is a regular library employee at the Circulation Desk at the time of a lockdown, do what he or she instructs you to do.


When there is any other kind of emergency, be sure to contact the appropriate parties and mindful of your safety above all else.

  • Threat, weapon, bomb, etc. If able, contact a supervising agent of the library first – your supervisor, a librarian, the director, etc. If unable, contact Campus Police at extension 4900 immediately. If they cannot be reached, dial 9-1-1.
  • Power outage, flooding, etc. Contact a supervising agent of the library – your supervisor, a librarian, the director, etc.
  • Medical emergency.  CALL 911
  • Disclosures. Should an individual or individuals representing themselves to be law enforcement agents approach you, asking you to provide the content of electronic communications or any information about users of or traffic on the library’s network with or without any form of written authorization, do not disclose any information. Contact the Library Director or his designee, who will make the necessary communication with the Office of Chief Counsel. If it is after hours and the Director is not available, contact the librarian or supervisor on duty.

Inclement Weather Procedures

The Inclement Weather Procedure is as follows:

  • In the case of a University Closure/Shutdown, the library will be closed and as such you are not expected to attend your scheduled work hours.
  • In the event there is a Partial Day Closure (in which we open late or close early), you are only expected to work during the open  hours. For example, if there is a two-hour delayed opening (at 10am) and you are scheduled at some point after the time of opening (say from 12-2pm), you are expected to work.
  • In the case that classes are cancelled, but the University remains open, you are expected to attend your scheduled work hours.