North Hall Library


Desk Log

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Desk Log Procedures

Desk Log Instructions  - You must fill this out for everything you do!  

Any and all patron interactions should be logged via the desk log. To log an interaction:

  • Go to the Circ Students - Desk Log Bookmark (it should already be open on the computer)

Answers the questions on the page ( we are ignoring the pre-defined entry drop down at the top)

Question #1 :  Where are you? - You are at the Circulation Desk

Question #2 :  Who are you serving?

Question #3: This one is just for you!  

Question #4:  This is really important, did you send the patron to the Information Desk or the Stacks Desk, if so Click Yes

Question #5:  Source of the question.  You only have two answers, In Person or Phone.

Question #6:  What type of question are you answering? 

Library Support:  This is when you are doing your job, getting reserves, checking out books, faxing taking fine payments etc..

University Support.: Is it a question about the University (D2L, Where is the bookstore)?

Directional:  Did you tell someone how to get to the bathroom, did you tell them where the printers are?

Computer Support:  Are you helping someone format a word document, log into the Wifi?

Question #7:  Length of question.  This is pretty self explanatory.  One important thing here is that if you were helping several people in a row, checking in a huge pile of books you do not need to log in each item or patron, but extend the length of the question to reflect the time spent.

Question #7:  READ Scale:  You will either choose 1 or 2 - Directional questions are all 1 and everything else you do is 2.

Finally you just need to hit submit - if you hit submit and clear it will clear the information. I recommend using this feature and changing a few parameters each time.


Here is the full image of the desk log, the only thing I didn't cover was the Gate Count - you can ignore this entirely.