North Hall Library


Opening and Closing

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Opening and Closing Duties


The person(s) working the first shift of the day (at 8am Monday-Friday, noon on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday) has a little extra responsibility. Either the Circulation Supervisor or whoever is opening should be completing all of these tasks, but it is best to have a backup.

  1. Make sure all of the lights in the Circulation Area are turned on.
  2. Take the phone off of call divert (there are instructions next to the phone).
  3. Check the overnight book drop of newspapers (Williamsport Sun Gazette) and any returned items.
    1. Backdate the items in the book drop.
    2. Click on the calendar next to Override return date and time.  Select the last day we were open.  When you have finished checking these items in please exit out of the screen to clear the backdating for the next return.
  4. Make sure all three workstations at the Circulation Desk are turned on and ready for use.
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  5. ‚ÄčUpdate the  calendars and date stamps to reflect proper dates.
  6. Make sure the opening supervisor has taken the cash drawer out of the cabinet and placed it in the drawer at Computer #2.


Just as with the opening shift, the person(s) working the last shift of the day (until 11pm Sunday-Thursday and 5pm Saturday & Sunday) has a little extra responsibility.

  1. Play the closing messages at 30 minutes and 15 minutes before closing.
    1. The closing supervisor should also be making a verbal five minute announcement.
  2. Straighten the Circulation & Popular Reading Areas.
  3. Put the phone on Call Divert (there are instructions next to the phone).
  4. Ensure all materials are returned and have been properly checked back in.
  5. Shut down all of the computers at Circ and make sure stamp pads are closed.
  6. Laptops - Make sure all the laptops are checked in, if there is one still checked out the Excel Sign In/Out sheet should have a red square next to the missing laptop.  If there is one missing but does not seem to be checked out look for it with the ones waiting to be fixed.  Next check the sheet that the IT students are supposed to fill out that indicates they have the laptop.  If it is in none of these places leave a note for the Circulation Supervisor