North Hall Library


Room Check In/Out

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Room Check In/Out

You will be assisting the Information Desk by taking students to the rooms they check out.  These are the rooms that we do not check out, they are located on the First Floor and the Fourth Floor.  Your patrons are the priority so if you are busy helping a patron you should defer to another student assistant or the librarian or library assistant.  If you are not busy with a patron I expect you to assist in this process, it is not optional.  

       Room Check Out

  • Take the room key from the person at the Information Desk, and take the student/students to the room.  You can ask them what they prefer, stairs or elevator, and both you  and the patron are free to take whichever you feel comfortable with.  
  • Unlock the door and check the room, make sure there is no major trash or anything out of place. Check the list on the door to make sure everything that is supposed to be in the room is what is in the room.  
  • Adjust the temperature if it is very hot or very cold in the room.  Make sure the door is in the lock position and give them the key.  
  • If anything is amiss in the room let the Information Desk know.  

       Room Check In

  • This you can do on your own - you can take the key from the student and they are allowed to leave.  
  • Go to the room and make sure all the things on the list are accounted for and that there is no major trash or issues in the room.  If there is something amiss let the person working the Information Desk know what was wrong.
  • Make sure the door is locked, the room is neat and the lights are out.