North Hall Library


North Hall Library Circulation Training

A step by step guide to mastering the Circulation Desk

Welcome to the Circulation Desk

Welcome to the North Hall Library Circulation Desk!  We are excited to have you begin working for us so lets get started.  This website is designed to provide a place of reference throughout your time at the Library.

Training Checklist

Introduction and Employee Expectations

  • Student Assistant Handbook:  Read the detailed information on this website laying out the expectations of a library employee, then see your supervisor to go over the information and sign the Student Assistant Handbook.  
  • Desk Coverage:  Understand the coverage situation of the Circulation Desk. If you have an issue or concerns regarding the coverage expected let your supervisor know at this time.
  • Tours of the Library:  Your supervisor will give you a comprehensive tour of the library.  Even though you will only be at the Circulation Desk it is important to understand the library and its layout.  Take some time to explore on your own during a training shift if you feel unsure about where things are located.
  • Safety:  Fire and Lockdown procedures will be discussed in detail.

Circulation Area Overview 

  • You will be given a detailed tour of the Circulation and Reserve area.  

Customer Service 

  • A critical part of this position is interacting with library patrons.  You and your supervisor will go over these expectations.
  • Phone etiquette and phone use instructions will be fully covered.

Library of Congress Classification 

  • You will be expected to master the Library of Congress Classification System (LC).  Read and understand the tab on this website about LC.  
  • Once you have a basic understanding complete the LC Easy training program located on Computer #3 at the Circulation Desk.


  • This is the computer program you will be operating to check out and check in library materials.  Your supervisor will give you an in person tutorial on how to operate the program as well as any additional tasks related to checking materials in and out.  
    • Reserves
    • Books
    • Media Items
    • Laptops/Headphones
    • B&T's
    • Interlibrary Loan Materials
  • There will also be detailed instructions on this website for you to reference.  

Paying fines

  • You will be NOT be responsible for accepting fine payments from library patrons.  A supervisor will handle these transactions.

Faxing and Community Printing

  • You will provide faxing service for patrons as well as accept payment for said services.
  • Community members will pay for printing at the Circulation Desk.
  • There will also be detailed instruction on this website for you to reference.

Daily Opening and Closing procedures

  • Not all students will have to worry about these responsibilities right away but in the course of your employment it may become necessary.
  • There will be detailed instruction on this website for you to reference.


  • You will be given instructions from your supervisor on how to troubleshoot problems that you will encounter while working at the Circulation Desk.  This website will be your go to resource for dealing with these issues as they arise.
    • Pop-Ups
    • Questions you cannot answer
    • Paper back up procedures


Library Faculty and Staff

Provost: Diana Rogers-Adkinson
Director: Scott DiMarco, Assistant Pam Davey 
Access Services:
Courtney Heatley, Circulation Supervisor
Beth Williams, Interlibrary Loan Supervisor
Sylvia Yamashita, Interlibrary Loan Assistant
Amy Livermore, Library Assistant

Public Services:
Jamey Harris, Art Librarian
Sheila Kasperek, Reference Librarian
Holly Jackson, Reference Librarian
Technical Services:
David Guinn, Cataloging Technician & Acquisitions

Jamey Harris, Coordinator of Technical Services

Library Departments

Cataloging/Tech Services:

  • Provide cataloguing services
  • Handles acquisitions of materials
  • Manages electronic subscriptions
  • Repairs damaged materials


  • Provides customer service at the Circulation Desk
  • Checks materials in and out
  • Maintains the reserve collection

Interlibrary Loan:

  • Provides Document Delivery Service
  • Coordinates national ILL service for students and faculty


  • Assists patrons in using microforms technology
  • Provides customer service at the Microforms Desk
  • Scans ILL microform/microfiche requests


  • Retreives materials from Circulation
  • Shelves returned materials in the appropriate locations
  • Maintains the organization of bookstacks
    • Clean & shelf read
  • Search & recover missing items