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Copyright Education Compliance Plan

Mansfield University

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)

 Copyright Infringement Compliance Plan


1-1.Link to relevant Web page(s)

1-       Campus Technologies Policies and Procedures

2-       North Hall Library/Copyright Information and Policies 

1-2. What technology-based deterrent(s) have you decided to use?

Mansfield University has adopted a bandwidth management and network traffic shaping plan as its technology-based deterrent. Traffic classes for the well-known file-sharing applications are configured in the traffic shaping appliance and rate limit rules are then applied. This traffic is then monitored and appropriate action for “top talkers” may be deployed.


1-3. What mechanism(s) are you using to educate your community?


 An Open Letter to the User Community on Digital Copyright Infringement

The library has an ongoing copyright education program for faculty. 

Many of the academic programs have included copyright law and issues in their curriculum. As part of the University’s information literacy program, the library works with all academic programs to include copyright education in their curricula. 


1-4. What procedures are you using for handling unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material (e.g., monitoring, sanctions, etc.)?

Mansfield University responds to all legitimate copyright infringement notices. The following procedure is observed for all violations:

1.       Upon receipt of the notice, appropriate university personnel disables all access for the IP address of the network device that is alleged to have the infringing content.

2.       A trouble ticket is then issued that references the copyright infringement notice and the party that is responsible for the operation of the computer on the notice.

3.       A technician is dispatched to assist with the removal of all P2P / file sharing applications as well as the infringing work (if found) from the workstation.

4.       Upon confirmation of the removal of all listed copyrighted materials, network access for the device is enabled.

The registered owner of the device will be provided with details of the incident, and the severity of the offense. The incident is documented and fines levied by the university’s judicial review board as appropriate.

1-5. How are you periodically reviewing the plan? What criteria are you using to determine if it is effectively combating copyright infringement?

A review of the effectiveness of the traffic shaping settings is reviewed each semester and more often if the situation dictates. Based upon the number of copyright violation notices a review of the existing education efforts may be modified.

Part 2: Offering Alternatives

2-1. Link to relevant Web page(s)

  •  Mansfield University/Campus Technology - Entertainment Services
  • Mansfield University/North Hall Library – Copyright Clearance Site License CCC license canceled 12/2016

2-2. Are you carrying out your own survey of alternatives or linking to one or more lists maintained by others? If the latter, which list(s)?

Mansfield has created a web page ( that provides a list of acceptable ways to download digital music/video that we compiled. We also link to the list of legal alternatives provided by Educause, the RIAA and Cornell University.


2-3. Have you made any special arrangements with one or more content providers to obtain content through legal methods?

Copyright Clearance Site License CCC license canceled 12/2016


Part 3: Informing the Community

3-1.Link to relevant Web page(s)

North Hall Library's Copyright Information and Policies and CT Director’s

 An Open Letter to the User Community on Digital Copyright Infringement includes

copyright references and links to copyright issues in education.


3-2.Have you developed your own statement regarding copyright and copyright law in general or are you linking to such statement(s) maintained by others? If the latter, which statement(s)?

Policies were created with a cross section of faculty, staff, students and administrative oversight and approval

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