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Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Guides Available in the Library

Print Curriculum Guides and sample theme units are located in North Hall Library on 1st floor North. They are shelved alphabetically by subject, and then by grade level.  General guides are shelved before subject guides. 

  • Art - Art, Humanities
  • English - English, Reading, Speech, Study Skills
  • Foreign Language - Foreign Language, French, German, Spanish
  • Math - Math
  • Science - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science
  • Social Studies - History, Social Science, Consumer Ed., Economics, Multicultural


There are also numerous idea books and in the regular book collection. You can find them by searching the MU Library Catalog in one of the following ways:

Examples: YOUR TOPIC study teaching
YOUR TOPIC activit* 

Subject Librarian

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Jamey Harris
Coordinator Of Technical Services, North Hall Library
Library Department Chairperson
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
5 Swan Street
Mansfield, PA 16933


Librarian to: Biology; Chemistry/Physics; Communication; Education/Special Education.