North Hall Library


ELE 3263 - Preschool Curriculum

Manipulatives / Audio Visuals

We have games, puzzles, puppets, flannel boards, magnets, play money, dinosaur counters, etc. Use the MU Library Catalog to find them.  Type YOUR TOPIC TEACHING MATERIALS.  Or you can type YOUR TOPIC and then use the facets on the left to limit to "Library Location: Closed Stacks" for the kits, models, etc., or "Library Location: First Floor North - Media" for educational videos.  For pictures, type YOUR TOPIC PICTURE

Examples :

  • Milliken pattern pad. III, Spring (Study Picture LB1140.35.C74 M5443 1987)
  • Moods and emotions poster pack (Study Picture BF698.9 .E45 .M77 1992)
  • New food pyramid (Kit TX 364 .N49 2007)
  • Anatomy apron (Kit LB 1587 .A3 M28 2000
  • Listening lotto-ry Animals (Kit LB 1140 .35 .E36 L46)
  • Wedgie wooden community workers (Kit HF 5381.5 .W43)
  • DUSO: Developing understanding of self and others (Oversize Kit BF 723 .S28 D56 1982)
  • Nursery rhymes (flannel pieces) (Kit PN 6110 .C4 N97 1999)
  • Storytelling apron (Kit LB 1042 .S75 1996)
  • Brown bear brown bear, what do you see? Storytelling kit (Kit LB 1042.B68 2000)
  • Dinosaur Roar! ( Kit PZ 7 .S8526 Din 1998)
  • Teacher's brew art recipe box (Kit N 361 .T212 2000)
  • Super center (Oversize Kit B1525.3.P56 1998)
  • JumpStart preschool deluxe (Compact Data Disk LB1555 .J86 Gr. Preschool)
  • Wee sing : children's songs and finger plays (Kit M 1993 .W4 1981)


Journals for preschool teachers are listed below. You can find articles on specific topics in these journals by using the databases.  Simply put the name of the journal in the Publication box (Education Source) or Journal Name box (ERIC) and type your topic in the search box. ERIC also includes a documents collection which includes curriculum guides, lesson plans and activities. You can also access full-text children's magazines by using EBSCOhost's Primary Search.

  • YC Young Children (NAEYC) (LB 1140 .A1 Y6) & online
  • Teaching PreK-8 (LB 1501 .E27) & online
  • Instructor (LB 1501 .I5) & online
  • Mailbox - Primary ed . (LB 1501 .M34)



LB 1139.25-LB 1140.5 – Most preschool books are in this range on 4th floor North.

Complete resource book: an early childhood curriculum: over 2000 activities…
(LB 1140.4.S35 1998)
Weekly curriculum: 52 complete preschool themes (LB 1140.4 .B317 2003)

Use the MU Library Catalog to find books on specific topics.

Sample subject headings:

  • Education, Preschool—Curricula
  • Education, Preschool—Activity programs
  • [Subject]—Study and teaching (preschool)

Sample searches:

  • preschool curricul*
  • preschool activit*
  • Preschool music
  • Early childhood
  • Finger play* OR hand games


  • Best of the mailbox: a collection of ideas from the first five years of the preschool/kindergarten edition of the mailbox magazine (LB 1507 .B476 1993)
  • Big book of everything: preschool (LB 1555 .B54 1995 Gr. .Pre)
  • Community workers: thematic unit (HT 65 .H37 1995)
  • Make early learning standards come alive: connecting your practice and curriculum to state standards (Oversize LB 1140.23 .G76 2006)
  • Dental health education curriculum guide for use with Head Start children and families (Curriculum Health Preschool)

Children's Books

Fiction, including children's fiction, does not usually carry subject headings. To find a children’s story book then, you could either:

  1. In the MU Library Catalog enter keywords you hope will appear in the title or note field.  Then use the facets on the left side of the screen to limit to Library Location: First Floor North.  Or
  2. Use a reference book or online database, such as one of the following, to identify titles of books about a certain subject and then put those titles into the MU Library Catalog to see if MU has the book.

    A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children’s Picture Books (Ref Z 1037 .L715 2010)
    Best Books for Children (Ref Z 1037 .G48 2002)
    Books Kids Will Sit Still For 3 (Z 1037 .F847 2006)
        Provide tips for how to do good read aloud and recommended lists by grade level.
    Children's Literature Comprehensive Database Online
    Database of Award Winning Children's Literature

There are also other reference books that index children's poetry and fairy tales in collections.

Big books (Juv Extra Oversize) are located on 1st floor north at the end of the Juv collection, but before Juv Oversize.