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ED/SPE 2276 English Language Learners



English Language Profiency Standards and Resource Guide:  Prekindergarten-Grade 12 (WIDA) - LB 1576 .G68 2010

PreK-12 English Language Profiency Standards (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) - PE 1128 .A2 P695 2006

Integrating the ESL Standards into Classroom Practice (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • PreK-2 -   PE 1128 .A2 I574 2000
  • Gr 3-5 -   PE 1128 .A2 I575 2000
  • Gr 6-8 -   PE 1128 .A2 I576 2000
  • Gr 9-12 - PE 1128 .A2 I577 2000


IPT Early Literacy, Reading & Writing, English - Test LB 3060.33 .I683 A46 2006

IPT I Oral - Test LB 3060 .I683 B45 2010

IPT 3: Reading & Writing, English - Test LB 3060.33 .I683 A46 2008

Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey - Revised Normative Update (WMLS-RNU) - Test LB 3060.33 .W694 W66 2005

Recommended Classroom Materials: General / Reading & Writing

Pocket charts for language development - Several kits include pocket charts.  They can be used with the cards they came with, or you can make your own cards to put in the clear plastic pockets.

  • Math Quiz Game Show (Grades 1-3) - Oversize Kit QA 115.M38 2003
  • Math Quiz Game Show (Grades 4-6)- Oversize Kit QA 115 .M38 2007
  • Vocabulary Quiz Game Show - Oversize Kit LB 1528.5.V63 2005
  • Language Adventures Game Show - Oversize Kit LB1576.L36 2007

Stuffed Animals and Finger Puppets - Bee, frog, ktten, wolf, turtle, and many more...type "puppets" in the MU Library Catalog for full list & call numbers.

Literacy charts - Excellent examples can be found in Reading with Meaning:  Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Grades by Debbie Miller - LB 1525.7.M55 2002

Picture Dictionaries

  • Oxford Picture Dictionary Program - Kit P 53.2963 .O946 2008
  • Oxford Picture Dictionary for the Content Area (book + teacher's ed.) - Textbook PE 1128 .A2 O94 2010 

Moving into English, K-5 - Textbook PE 1129 .S8 M68 2006

Scott Foresman ESL K-8 - Textbook - Textbook PE 1128 .S32 2001

Easy English - Kit PE 1128 .E27 2004 - 3 CDs + book

Language for Learning - Kit PE 1128.A2 E54 2008 - 12 books, 16 skills profile folders, 200 picture cards + user's guide, CD-Rom

Tape players & tape recorders - in the media area - ask for them at the Information Desk

Recorded texts

  • Audio books on CD - Found on 1st floor north behind the new children's book display, we have a classics collection from Recorded Books that includes The Adventures or Tom Sawyer, Anne of Green Gables, Animal Farm, etc. as well as some juvenile titles from Rabbit Ears and a complete collection of Shakespeare

Shakespeare Side by Side - original text and modern English side by side.  Call numbers vary from play to play.  Look up series title in the Library Online Catalog.

Shakespeare plays on DVD - look for them in the MU Library Catalog

House Nouns Bingo - Kit LB 1574.5 .H681993

Lang-O-Learn - 5 different picture card sets with 17 languages on each card - Food (Kit LB 1050.44 .F6 2001), Animals (Kit LB 1050.44 .A55 2001), Vehicles (Kit LB 1050.44 .V44 2001), Clothing (Kit LB 1050.44 .C56 2001), & Everyday Objects (Kit LB 1050.44 .E94 2001) 

 ELL Collection to accompany Harcourt Tropies - Textbook PE 1117 .H27 2005 English Lang. Learners

Mini-books or "Take-home books"

  • Pre-decodable/decodable books - Textbook PE 1117 .H265 P73 2005 Gr. K
  • Harcourt Science Take-home Books - 6 vols - Textbook Q 181 .H265 2005 Take-homr Books Gr.1-6
  • My Sidewalks on Scott Foresman Reading Street: Early Reading Intervention - includes "take-home storybooks" in Box 2 - Oversize Kit PE 1119 .M9 2008
  • was recommended but is not free.  Try Mrs. Jones Free Printable Minibooks (link below).

Leveled Books

  • A Field Guide to the Classroom Library / Calkins (we have 1 vol., kindergarten) - LB 1573 .C183 2002
  • Leveled Books K-8: Matching Texts to Readers for Effective Teaching / Fountas & Pinnell - LB 1573 .F643 2006
  • Leveled Book List K-8 / Fountas & Pinnell - LB 1573 .F638 2006
  • Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (link below) - includes levels & lexiles
  • Teacher Book Wizard - (link below)

Sources for Recommended Classroom Materials

Recommendations for classroom materials came from:

  • English Language Learners Day by Day K-6 by Christina M. Celic,“Establishing the Classroom Library” p. 4-24 - LB 1528 .C45 2009
  • An individual working in an ELL classroom
  • Education Department faculty

Recommended Classroom Materials: Math

Celic (p. 15-18) recommended word walls, math charts, wipe off math charts, and math manipulatives.  There are lots of math manipulatives in the kit area.  Use the MU Library Catalog to find the call numbers & give the numbers to the Information Desk to retrieve the items for you.

Recommended Classroom Materials: Science and Social Studies

Celic (p. 22-23) recommends word walls, pictures, realia, textbooks, trade books, and kids' magazines.

Study Pictures - cataloged sets of pictures you can browse or look for them in the online catalog.

Trade books are part of the juvenile collection - search for them in the online catalog.

The K-12 textbook collection is located on the right side of 1st floor north.  Social studies books are in the D-J section and Science in the Q's.