North Hall Library




As we explore new and fun ways of engaging the library online, you can find our virtual escape rooms and other future games here! 

Any questions or ideas for things you'd like to see in the future? Please reach out to Holly at 

Escape from North Hall Library


Things have been a little weird around North Hall lately - 
strange noises, books shifting by themselves. We think it
might be our resident spirit, Sarah, but we're not sure. Can
you help us figure out what's going on?

The Day the Books Took Over

A new virtual escape room with more challenging puzzles,
The Day the Books Took Over is inspired by some of our
First Year Seminar themes from Fall 2020, including Harry
Potter, Star Wars, Grimm's fairy tales, and more...
Can you make it to the end?

Call of the Mounties

To go along with our First Year Experience Summer Read
for 2020, we have created a Call of the Wild inspired escape
room we call "Call of the Mounties." 

Target audience: new students for Fall 2020