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Library Intro for Online FYS




Welcome to your handy online First Year Seminar library guide. We're excited to have you here!

In this guide, you'll find information (and assignments) on the following topics: 

  • Logging in to library resources from off-campus,
  • Creating and using your ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan) account,
  • Finding and using books, 
  • Finding and using articles,
  • Using Google Scholar,
  • Evaluating the sources you find, and
  • Getting help from your librarians.

Be sure to check each section for an assignment as you work your way through the tabs. 

The Information Cycle

When you begin your research, you may find that you're not getting a lot of "scholarly," or peer-reviewed sources (also known as academic articles). This might be because your topic is too recent! The Information Cycle shows the timeline for when things are published related to an event. If you're not finding as many scholarly articles and books, consider broadening your topic a bit. 

Note for the sciences: In the sciences, research studies often go to a scholarly journal first and then to the news media (if they're published in the news.) 


The Information Cycle: An event happens. Immediately, it is available on the internet, television, and radio. Within a week, it is available in newspapers. Within a month it is available in popular magazines. All of these are considered fact-based sources. After a few months, you will see scholarly journals and government publications on the topic. At least a year later, books will be written on the topic. Years later, reference books, including encyclopedias, will be published including this topic. These later sources contain analysis about the event.