North Hall Library




Welcome from Scott DiMarco
Director of Library and Information Resources, Mansfield University of Pennsylvania


Welcome to the North Hall Library!! As reflected in our daily activities and in our vision and mission statements, we are a service organization dedicated to connecting people to ideas via continuous improvement through responsive and meaningful interactions with everyone in the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania community.

We, as the staff, faculty and administration of the Library and Information Resources Division, work with the Mansfield University of Pennsylvania community as partners to create an environment that facilitates research, curiosity, scholarship and student advancement. This joint venture with the University community is a vital prerequisite for building strong and relevant collections (both print and digital), integrating library services and staff into the academic life of students, and maintaining a dialogue on the critical information and Library issues of space, programs, and services.

As the Director of the Library and Information Resources Division, I want an environment of open communication that encourages constructive feedback. As this is your Library, I seek your participation and input, so that together we can create an environment that fosters investigation, learning and collaboration, embraces the social importance of the library, and strengthens core programs and collections. While I can’t promise to that all requests will be granted, I can promise all requests will be fairly considered.

I am very excited about the future of your Library and believe you should too. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, compliments, and concerns.


Very Sincerely,

Scott R. DiMarco
Director of Library and Information Resources Division
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania