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Ghost Tours Policy

Ghost Tours Policy

Ghost Tours

Ghost Hunting Groups have the opportunity to perform Paranormal Exploration in North Hall, specifically for the Ghosts of North Hall.   These paranormal exploration sessions are able to be requested for a total of  2-3X year, as decided by the Library Director.  A limit of a tour once per semester arranged by the Library Director as to not interrupt operations is available. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate all requests and requests need to made a minimum of 3 months in advance with the Library Director

The charge for a selected group is $25 per hour with a 4 Hour Minimum for not-for-profits groups.   The size of a group is  limited to 10 or under.  The charge for for-profit groups (e.g. TV shows) is $100 per hour and with a 4 Hour Minimum and the groups are limited to 10 or under.

A waiver is provided and must be signed by all participants prior to a ghost tour  due to liability issues.

All tours are arranged and led by the Library Director for security / informational purposes.  Tours and their length are at the discretion of Library Director and may cease for cause.   All Library and University Policies are in effect.

Normal tours consist of – A brief orientation by the Library Director to participants; a tour of floors 1-4, and 6.  A brief look at the basement and 6th floor attics.   Groups then have access to select areas of the Library for “paranormal exploration”

If interested please contact Scott DiMarco at 570) 662-4689

Reviewed 6/5/2019