North Hall Library


Library Instruction

Library Instruction

The librarians of North Hall Library are committed to insuring that every Mansfield student has the necessary information literacy skills to be both an academic success in college and a life long learner after graduation.

First-year Experience Course (FYS 1100)
The library has a specific program for students in the First-year Experience Course. This program provides students with an introduction to the academic library, library services and information resource and is the foundation of the information literacy program.

Course Integrated Instruction
Library faculty will provide classroom instruction with materials and content being tied to a specific assignment or the needs of a particular discipline. Faculty interested in integrated instruction for one of their classes should contact the librarian who is liaison for their department.

Individualized Instruction
Students are encouraged to contact individual librarians if they need assistance with research, library resources, or any other information concern. Faculty are also encouraged to refer students to a librarian, if they find an individual who needs help in finding information for an assignment or a project.