North Hall Library


Library Locations

Book Stacks

A - HT
PS - Z
3 North
4 North
4 South

Closed Stacks

Some of the items in the library are not available for you to browse. Please bring the title, call number and the location/item type to the Information Desk and we can get the items for you. These items include:

  • Archives
  • Cassettes
  • Compact Data Discs
  • Kits
  • Overlays
  • Oversize Kits
  • Phonodiscs/Records
  • Slides
  • Special Collections
  • Standardized Tests

Other Library Locations

Item Location

Audio Books

3 South

Best Sellers

2 South


1 South

Checking out materials, checking out Reserves, lost and found
2 South

Children's Collection

1 North

Computers across from the Information Desk are reserved for community users not affiliated with the university.

Available on every floor

Curriculum Materials
Juvenile literature, elementary and high school textbooks, study pictures

1 North

Dictionary Stands

Atrium, near the elevators

Display Case
Ask at Circulation Desk

2 South

"Educational" DVDs are located on 3 Atrium. "Popular" movies & TV series are located  on 3 South

3 Atrium & 3 South

E-Books MU Library Catalog
First Floor North
There are several collections in this wing. Use the call number prefix to locate the collection.
1 North

Graphic Novels

4 Atrium

Information Desk
All types of help with computers, software, locating materials, doing research, answers of all kinds
2 North

Laptop computers are available to students only for use in the library or for 3-day loan. Check them out with your university ID at the Circulation Desk.

2 South

Maps and Atlases
Look for these in the far northwest corner of the Reference area

2 North

Microcards and microform readers and reader/printers

Ask at the Information Desk

Music Resources
Print music resources and music CDs

1 South

Current issues of most papers are in the Popular Reading area of 2 South. Back issues in print are located on 3 South.

2 South and 3 South

Oversized Materials

2 North

Current issues of recreational magazines are located on 2 South.

Back issues of print journals are bound and located in the book stacks. Use the MU Catalog to locate the call number.

2 South, and Stacks


Multi-purpose printers and copiers are on 2nd floor North. Payment by print cash and Mountie Money.

A color photocopier is located on 2nd floor North. Payment by Mountie Money only.

2 North

Popular Reading
Popular magazines, newspapers and bestsellers

2 South

Send your file to the printers from any computer in the library. Printers are on 2 North: log in with your campus email and password, or use your tap card to login. 

2 North

Reference Section
Reference books cannot be checked out of the library

2 North

All reserves are at the Circulation Desk.

2 South

Test (Standardized Tests)
Standardized Tests are not available for browsing.  You must be enrolled in a course where the professor is specifically requiring the use of Standardized Tests in order to check them out.

Ask at the Information Desk

Elementary and High School textbooks only.

1 North

"Educational" videos are located on 3 Atrium. "Popular" videos are located on 3 South.

3 Atrium & 3 South

Young Adult novels.
1 North