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Library Locations

Book Stacks

A - HT
PS - Z
3 North
4 North
4 South

Closed Stacks

Some of the items in the library are not available for you to browse. Please bring the title, call number and the location/item type to the Library Service Desk and we can get the items for you. These items include:

  • Archives
  • Cassettes
  • Compact Data Discs
  • Kits
  • Overlays
  • Oversize Kits
  • Phonodiscs/Records
  • Special Collections
  • Standardized Tests

Other Library Locations

Item Location

Audio Books

3 South

Best Sellers

2 South


1 South

Checking out materials, checking out Reserves, lost and found
2 South

Children's Collection

1 North


Available on every floor

Curriculum Materials
Juvenile literature, elementary and high school textbooks, study pictures

1 North

Dictionary Stands

Atrium, near the elevators

Display Case
Ask at Library Service Desk

2 South

"Educational" DVDs are located on 3 Atrium. "Popular" movies & TV series are located  on 3 South

3 Atrium & 3 South

E-Books MU Library Catalog
First Floor North
There are several collections in this wing. Use the call number prefix to locate the collection.
1 North

Graphic Novels

4 Atrium

Library Service Desk
All types of help with computers, software, locating materials, doing research, answers of all kinds
2 South

Laptop computers are available to students only for use in the library or for 3-day loan. Check them out with your university ID at the Library Service Desk.

2 South

Maps and Atlases
Look for these in the far northwest corner of the Reference area

2 North

Microcards and microform readers and reader/printers

Ask at the Library Service Desk

Music Resources
Print music resources and music CDs

1 South

Current issues of most papers are in the Popular Reading area of 2 South. Back issues in print are located on 3 South.

2 South and 3 South

Oversized Materials

2 North

Current issues of recreational magazines are located on 2 South.

Back issues of print journals are bound and located in the book stacks. Use the MU Catalog to locate the call number.

2 South, and Stacks


Multi-purpose printers and copiers are on 2nd floor North. Payment by print cash and Mountie Money.

A color photocopier is located on 2nd floor North. Payment by Mountie Money only.

2 North

Popular Reading
Popular magazines, newspapers and bestsellers

2 South

Send your file to the printers from any computer in the library. Printers are on 2 North: log in with your campus email and password, or use your tap card to login. 

2 North

Reference Section
Reference books cannot be checked out of the library

2 North

All reserves are at the Library Service Desk.

2 South

Test (Standardized Tests)
Standardized Tests are not available for browsing.  You must be enrolled in a course where the professor is specifically requiring the use of Standardized Tests in order to check them out.

Ask at the Library Service Desk

Elementary and High School textbooks only.

1 North

"Educational" videos are located on 3 Atrium. "Popular" videos are located on 3 South.

3 Atrium & 3 South

Young Adult novels.
1 North