North Hall Library


Quiet/Noise Policy

Quiet/Noise Policy

The Library is meant to be a place for study and other scholarly pursuits. While no area of the library should be noisy, a certain working noise is anticipated, particularly in areas where there is a service desk. The Library recognizes that different learners have different needs and therefore has designed spaces for various uses. No matter what area one is working in, all library users are expected to be considerate of the needs of others.

Cell phones should be silenced upon entering the library. If one must make or take a call, he/she should go outside, to the atrium, or to 2 South (Library Service Desk area).

Quiet Areas

For students who desire quieter areas for study, the Library has designated 3rd floor North and 4th floor East, North and South as quiet zones (except for group study rooms located within these areas). Students should not be talking, listening to music, or otherwise making noise in these areas. Violators will be asked to leave the area.

Individual and Group Study Areas

The library has a variety of rooms that can be used for group or individual work. Visit the "Rooms in the Library" page for information on the types of rooms, what is available in the rooms, and how you can reserve rooms.


Reviewed 6/5/2019