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Student Use of Rooms

Policy for Student Use of the Rooms with Projectors

The library has the following rooms available for students and faculty use by reservation.  Patrons must present a student or employee ID card to use the rooms.

  • Library classroom 429  - computer, projector, large whiteboard , laptops, seats 24
  • Screening room 135 – DVD, VHS, laptop, projector, large whiteboard, seats 20
  • Conference rooms 130 & 401 – laptop with DVD player, flat screen TV, whiteboard
  • Conference room 404 – small whiteboard
  • Media rooms 131,132, & 133 - laptop with a DVD player connected to flat screen TV, VHS (except for 133), DVD, TV, CD, record, & cassette players
  • Media room 134 - TV, VHS, DVD, CD, record, & cassette players, & keyboard

For more complete descriptions, see Rooms in the Library

These rooms can be reserved by contacting the Library Service Desk by calling (570) 662-4671, emailing, or stopping by the Library Service Desk in person.

Room use is limited to a maximum of three hours.  Rooms may only be scheduled up to two weeks in advance of the date of use, unless it is by a faculty member for a specific class or  for the needs of the University by appropriate Library and Information Resources personnel. All reservations end no later than 30 minutes prior to the closing of the library.


  • The Library reserves the right to cancel reservations at any time.
  • Library use takes priority over student and faculty use. 
  • If students do not arrive for their scheduled time, the reservation will expire after 15 minutes. 
  • Damaged or stolen equipment is subject to fines.
  • Viewing of videos and DVDs in the library is limited to educational and personal entertainment use only.  It is forbidden for organizations to use library facilities to show videos or DVDs protected under the US copyright law without public performance rights.


Reviewed 6/5/2019

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