North Hall Library


School Group Visitations

School Group Visitations

The following information is designed to help you plan your group's visit to North Hall Library.

STEP ONE - Prior to your visit:

  1. Call the Library Service Desk at 570-662-4671 to arrange a visit. Please give us as much advance notice as possible of your visit. At least 10 working days is preferred, particularly if you wish to have a tour or presentation, if you're bringing a large group (more than 20) or if you're bringing more than one group.
  2. Secure an instructor or other responsible adult to assist with your group. One adult for every ten students is recommended.
  3. Alert the library staff to any special needs individuals in your group so that appropriate arrangements can be made.
  4. Contact the University Police (570-662-4900) regarding parking accommodations and restrictions.

STEP TWO - Upon Arrival:

  1. A library representative will meet you at the Library Service Desk.
  2. Books and other library materials may only be signed-out using an "Interlibrary Loan Onsite Checkout" sheet at the Library Service Desk. Students must sign-out books while your group is here (e.g. they can't return later that day or week and sign out books). Some items do not circulate (e.g. periodicals, reference books, equipment).

Some Other Things To Keep In Mind

  • Because of patron load, staff and resources tend to be extremely limited during the first two weeks of December, the last week of April, and the first week in May. When possible, please try not to schedule your visit during these times.
  • To insure that your students are able to obtain the books they want in a timely manner, please have them begin signing-out materials NO LATER than one-half hour prior to your group's departure.
  • Printing is available for a small cost. Please bring cash to use these services.
  • Remind your students that the library is a research facility and that noise should be kept to a minimum. Likewise, there is to be no use of tobacco or eating inside the library.
  • Finally, as information professionals in an academic environment, we have an obligation to provide unrestricted access to information, including that found on the Internet. As such, please be advised that we do not in any way restrict nor monitor use of the Web. You will be expected to monitor your group based on the policy you or your school district have established for use of the Internet and other information resources available in North Hall.