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Interfolio Training Materials

We are starting the tenure, sabbatical, and promotion processes online in Fall 2020 using software called Interfolio. Here is basic information about the product and process for applicants and reviewers. This guide and the videos are designed to be a overview of the software.

There is an Interfolio Handout with additional information on Interfolio and Dossier, primarily focused on completing the application. This document is intended to supplement the information in the videos, not replace it. Most useful part of this document is the types of files that can be uploaded.

Using Interfolio for the tenure, sabbatical, and promotion processes means there are a few small changes to the process. Here is an Overview of the Interfolio Process for Faculty.

If you have questions related to using Dossier and/or completing your application using Interfolio, email If you have questions about anything related to Tenure, Sabbatical, or Promotion other than the software, contact Josh Battin or the Provost.

Interfolio Videos

Logging In and A Few Other Basics (4 minutes)


Using Dossier (8 minutes)


Completing Your Application Packet (8 minutes)

How to get access to your application packet:

Note on Submitting: You may need to submit your form before you submit your entire packet (a software quirk that happens only sometimes). More info on submitting the form first in the next video.


Packet Start to Finish: With Focus on Completing Forms and Submitting (3.5 minutes)


Reviewing an Interfolio Case (5 minutes)

How to get access to a case you are reviewing: When the case becomes available to you, you will be sent an email from Interfolio.

Can I download the case to read offline or print out? No. To protect the privacy and intellectual property of the applicants, downloading is not allowed.

NOTE: All recommendations from the department committee, department chairs, and deans/library director should be emailed to Cathy Martin. She will add these documents to Interfolio at the appropriate step in the process.


For University Committee Chairs: Moving cases forward (2 minutes)

NOTE: The recommendations/rankings from the university-wide committees are sent directly to the appropriate administrator as has been done in the past. Recommendations are not added to Interfolio.

In case it is not clear from the video, moving the case forward means that you and your committee will no longer be able to view the case online. Moving the case forward should only be done when you and your committee are completely done looking at candidate materials.


Applicant FAQs

Should I create my own Dossier Account?

No. Nope. Stop!!!!! You should not create your own Dossier account. I know that is an option from Interfolio, but don't use it. You need to login with your university account. See the video on this page for instructions on how to login with your university account. If you don't have a university account, contact Cathy Martin.


When do I click SUBMIT?

Click on SUBMIT once your entire application is complete. Think of SUBMIT as turning in your binder. SUBMIT actually locks your application (or section of the application) and you cannot make any additional changes to that section.


SUBMIT is greyed out. What do I do?

This can happen for several reasons. Try one of these:

  • Submit your form first.
  • Make sure the minimum requirements for the section have been met. Interfolio will not allow you to submit a section if all the requirements are not met.
  • You may have accidentally uploaded the same item more than once. Review your section and remove any duplicate items.
  • Still having problems? Contact Sheila Kasperek. You may have found a bug we don't know about!


Do I get a confirmation email when I submit my application?

You do not get any sort of confirmation. You should be able to tell if your application was properly submitted if all the sections of your application are now locked.


The timestamp on my uploaded item is off by a day. What's up?

Apparently Interfolio uses Greenwich Mean Time to time stamp documents. So if you are loading materials or submitting in the evening, the date may be listed as tomorrow's date. Don't worry about that.


Interfolio says my Certificate of Eligibility is not submitted, but I just got it back from the Provost. What do I do?

Please scan the signed Certificate of Eligibility and upload it to the appropriate section of the application. Wait to submit the section until your entire application is complete. That's all you need to do.


Can I have someone else upload files for me?

Since no one else has access to your packet before you submit it (even the Interfolio administrators don't have access), no one else can upload contents to your packet.

I'm applying for both promotion and tenure. Can you just duplicate my materials for me?

Sorry! An application can't just be duplicated. That said, all the materials you uploaded for one application are stored in Dossier automatically, so you can attach files from Dossier to your second application.


Can I withdraw my application?

Yes! If you change your mind about applying, please email Cathy Martin to let her know you want to withdraw your application.


Can I change my application once I've submitted it?

Once the application has been submitted it cannot be changed.


Do you have a sample completed application that I can review to see how it is done?

Sorry! Since this is a new process for us, we don't have any completed applications as examples.


Do I have to use Dossier?

Nope. Dossier is entirely optional. However you should know that everything you upload to Interfolio is also copied to Dossier.


Reviewer FAQs

Can I Print or Download the case I'm reviewing?

Sorry, you can't. All applications must be read online.


I can't see any Cases in Interfolio. What's up?

You will see cases when they are available for you to review. If you can't see a case, it is not yet at your stage of the review process OR is has moved forward to another step in the process.

That said, it takes a few days between steps to move the cases forward to the next step in the process. So it may still be being worked on at another step if the deadline has just passed.

That said, if everyone else on your committee can see the case and you can't, then we probably missed adding you to the case. Email Cathy Martin and let her know what's up.


How will I know that there is a case to review?

You should receive an email from Interfolio when a case is available for review.


I'm a committee or department chair. What do I upload to Interfolio?

You do not upload any materials directly to Interfolio. Department committees, department chairs, and deans email their recommendations to Cathy Martin. University-wide committee chairs send their recommendation directly to the president/designee as has been done in the past.


General FAQs

Are we using Interfolio for probationary and 5th year reviews?

At this time we are not using Interfolio for probationary and 5th year reviews. This is an option for future years and we'll let everyone know if/when we switch the process.


This process is so stressful!

Okay, that's not actually a question, but, yeah, we agree. I hope these funny cat photos help reduce your stress.