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The library subscribes to over thirty newspapers. The current newspapers are kept opposite the Circulation Desk. Older newspapers in paper copy are kept adjacent to the current periodicals. Most of the newspaper back issues are stored with periodicals in microfilm in 35mm reels arranged alphabetically by title in cabinets to the right of the Circulation Desk. Identify titles, dates, and locations in the database below.

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This database contains records of newspapers held by the Andruss Library in paper copy or microform (microfilm or microfiche), except for the "underground" newspapers described below.

The price for mailing copies of obituaries/marriage announcements from area newspapers is $2.00/each.

The Underground Press

Also known as the Underground Newspapers, this series is described below by its publisher, UMI.
The radical movements of the 1960s spawned a multitude of underground newspapers. The causes they espoused or opposed were as diverse as the issues they confronted. It was the era of the Vietnam War, of opposition to corporate America and its power, of questioning and rejecting traditional values.

This unparalleled microfilm collection allows students and researchers access to more than 550 underground newspapers dating from 1963 to 1985 . . .

It is supplemented by materials from the Hoover Institution and the University of Missouri.

of Reels
Underground Press Collection 748 476 Ref PN 4784.U53 U53 1986
Underground Press Collection
Hoover Institution Supplement
Ref PN 4784.U53 U532 1986
Underground Press Collection
University of Missouri
Ref PN 4784.U53 U533 1986

Columbia County Name Indexes

The Columbia County Historical and Genealogical Society have created databases for genealogical research linked from Newspaper Notices of Marriages and Deaths Found in the Columbia Democrat, Columbian, and Columbia County Republican.

Newspaper Articles Online

Newspapers available in full text electronically may be identified and accessed using Serials Solutions. Few papers are available electronically prior to 1980.

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