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Online Instruction Resources for Faculty

A list of helpful links for online instruction

Education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings

Check out this list of resources that ranges from elementary aged children through university level. 

Some of these resources are free year round, while others are free for a limited time:

Remote Music Education Resources

Check out the Christopher Bill Guide to Remote Music Education resources here: 

Linking to the Library

Sharing links to library resources (databases, ebooks, articles, and videos) is often not as simple as copying the URL. We have a handy guide to linking to library resources and if you have additional problems, contact Sheila Kasperek at


If students have problems logging into resources, please have them email the Library Service Desk at for assistance. We also have information about logging into our various services on our Login Help page.

Zoom Resources

Zoom is a great tool available through the university that will make visual online communication easy between you and your students. 

Here are some helpful links for you:

Free Transcription Resources

With the increased usage of Zoom, issues with transcription have popped up (i.e., auto transcription isn't working). 

There are, however, resources that can help you transcribe your Zoom recordings:

Support for Online Classes

Here are some resources to assist faculty in putting/moving courses online.