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Online Reserve Books (ORB) for Students

Welcome to ORB

New! Online Book Reserves (ORB) for Spring 2021


What: Textbooks available online for students. You reserve a time to read the chapter(s) you need and you receive a link in your campus email to access the chapter(s). You read them online during your reserved time.


When: Beginning Spring 2021. Reserve your chapters in MS Bookings.



  1. Identify if your textbook is available in ORB. Check your D2L, ask your professor, search our reserve system, or just check all our available ORB books.
  2. Reserve your chapters in MS Bookings. You can reserve up to 2 chapters during any 2-hour time slot.
  3. Check your campus email at the start of your reserved time slot. You should receive an email with a link to your chapter(s).


Important Info:

  • This is a trial program for Spring 2021.If the service is popular, we will try to continue it post-COVID.
  • Not all textbooks are available in ORB. If your text is not in ORB and you want it to be, contact your professor.
  • You must reserve your items online via MS Bookings to access them.
  • You will not be able to print, save, or download items from ORB, so be sure to read them during your reservation time.




Fun Fact:

  • When you make your book request in MS Bookings, it lists each item as "Free". This is a quirk of the software. Just a reminder that that there is no cost to using ORB!