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If you're looking for information about global workers' rights, take a look at the International Trade Union Confederation:


In particular, here's their 2019 Global Rights Index:

Recommended Databases

Other Databases to Consider

These databases are also helpful, though more supplemental than the ones above: 

Researching your Company

Before delving into your research, you need to know some fundamental information about the company you want to research.

Company Name

You should know the correct spelling and the complete name of the company you are researching. It can be difficult to do detailed research on a company that is a subsidiary of another company, so you will want to find the name of the parent company and research the parent company. Companies are bought and sold frequently so be sure your information is accurate and current. Some resources that can help you determine the name of the company include:

Company Stock Symbols

If the company you are researching is a public company, you should know the stock or ticker symbol. Many research tools let you search by ticker symbol, so this helps with limiting to the company you are interested. You can locate ticker symbols from some of the directories where you located the company name, but you can also search websites that track stock activity like Big Charts.

Companies that are not public are referred to as private. It can be very difficult to research private companies. You may need to research a similar public company or get information on the industry.

Company Policies

Along with basic information about your company, you may also want to look at:

  • their corporate & social responsibility (CSR) policy
  • news items
  • other relevant company information

For these items, head to the company's website. Take a look in sections like their "About Us" to find these sorts of things.

For example, on FedEx's About Us page, you'll find designated areas:

a screen capture of FedEx's About FexEx page, pointing out the location of the Social Responsibility and News Media areas.



While some companies will have this information on their main page, others have a completely separate page that talks about their company, like Bic:


To find these types of information:

1. Try looking on the company's website

2. If you can't find it there, google search for what you're looking for. E.g., "Bic corporate responsibility" led me to the company website for Bic.

3. If you still can't find the information, reach out to your librarian and see if she can help you.

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