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Biographies of People with Disabilities

Biographies/Stories about Individuals with Disabilities

Prepared by Frances Garrison

Call Number
Disability/Other Information
ADD and me : forty years in a fog Ken Patterson RC394.A85 P38 2004  ADD
ADHD & me : what I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table   Blake E. S. Taylor    RJ506.H9 T365 2007 ADHD
Adventures in the mainstream : coming of age with Down syndrome
Greg Palmer RJ506.D68 P347 2005  Down Syndrome
Alandra's Lilacs: The Story of a Mother and Her Deaf Daughter Tressa Bowers eBooks on EBSCOhost Deaf
Alex, the life of a child Frank Deford RJ456.C9 D43 1983 Cystic Fibrosis
Blind justice : Jacobus tenBroek and the vision of equality Floyd Matson  HV1792.T45 .M37 2005  Blind
Boy who loved windows: Opening the heart and mind of a child threatened with autism    Patricia Stacey eBooks on EBSCOhost    Autism
The broken cord Michael Dorris RG629.F45 D67 1989 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Carly's voice: breaking through autism    Arthur & Carly Fleischmann   RJ506 .A9 F587 2012  Autism
The child in the glass ball
Karin Junker 

HQ773.7 .J813
(c. 1964)

A deaf adult speaks out Leo M. Jacobs HV2380 .J32 1989  Deaf
Deaf-blind reality:  Living the life          Scott Stoffel, Ed.    HV1597 .D45 2012 extensive interviews with 12 deaf-blind individuals
Dibs: in search of self Virginia Axline RJ504 .A97 Autism
Educating Tigers Wendy Sand Eckel LC4708 .E36 2000 Dyslexia
Elijah’s Cup: A Family’s Journey into the Community and Culture of High-Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome Paradiz RJ506 .A9 .P28 2002  Autism/Asperger's
Embracing the monster: overcoming the challenges of hidden disabilities Veronica Crawford LC4818.5 .C73 2002  LD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Bipolar, Sensory Integrative Disorder
Emergence, labeled autistic Temple Grandin and Margaret M. Scariano RC553.A88 G73 1986  Autistism
Finding Kansas: living and decoding Asperger's syndrome    Aaron Likens RC553 .A88 L55 2012 Asperger's
Game of my life: a true story of challenge, triumph, and growing up autistic Jason "J-Mac" McElwain RC553.A88 M384 2009x Austism
George & Sam : two boys, one family, and autism Charlotte Moore RJ506.A9 M665 2006  Autism
Healing family Oe Kenzabur PL858.E14 Z4613 1996 Herniated brain (Japan)
In silence: growing up hearing in a deaf world Ruth Sidranski HQ759.912 .S53 1990  Deaf
Karina has Down Syndrome Rogers RJ506 .D68 R63 1998  Down Syndrome
Laughing Allegra: The inspiring story of a mother’s struggle and triumph raising a daughter with learning disabilities Anne Ford LC4705 .F67 2003  LD
Learning disabilities and life stories   LC4818.38 .L42 2001  LD
Legacy of the blue heron: living with learning disabilities Sylvester LC4818.5 .S96 2002 LD 
Lessons in laughter : the autobiography of a deaf actor Bernard Bragg as signed to Eugene Bergman PN2287.B6827 A3 1989  Deaf
Little monster: growing up with ADHD Robert Jergen LC4713.4 .J47 2004  ADHD
Look me in the eye : my life with Asperger's John Elder Robison RC553.A88 R635 2007  Asperger's
Loving Rachel Jane Bernstein HQ773.6 .B47 B47 1988  Blind
Making the words stand still Donald Lyman LC4704 .L96 1986 LD, Dyslexia 
Messenger: the legacy of Mattie J. T. Stepanek and Heartsongs Jeni Stepanek PS3619 .T4765 Z88 2009 Muscular Dystrophy
Missing pieces: a chronicle of living with a disability  Irving Kenneth Zola HV1559 .N4 Z64 1982  Physical Disability/Chronic Illness (Netherlands & US)
Moose, the story of a very special person W. Scott MacDonald and Chester W. Oden, Jr RJ506.D68 M32 (c. 1978) Down Syndrome
Mozart and the whale: An Asperger’s love story Jerry and Mary Newport RC553.A88 N59 2007  Asperger's
My thirteenth winter Samantha Abeel JUV RJ496.A25 A244 2003 Discalculia
My friend David : a source book about Down's syndrome and a personal story about friendship Jean Edwards, David Dawson RC571 .E39 1983  Down Syndrome
Nobody nowhere : the extraordinary autobiography of an autistic Donna Williams RC553.A88 W55 1992  Autism
Only boy in the world: A father explores the mysteries of autism Michael Blastland RJ506.A9 B638 2006  Autism
Ordinary resurrections: children in the years of hope Johnathan Kozol HQ792.U5 K69 2000 Socially Handicapped
Passing for normal: a memoir of compulsion Wilensky RC533.W54 A3 2000 OCD & Tourette’s
Poster Child: a memoir Emily Rapp QM117 .R37 2007 Amputee/Artificial leg
Pretending to Be Normal: Living with Asperger's Syndrome Liane Holliday Willey RC553 .A88 W564 1999  Asperger's
Raising Blaze: bringing up an extraordinary son in an ordinary world Debra Ginsberg HQ769 .G56 2002 Undefinable disability centering on emotional/behavioral issues
Raising Cubby: a father and son's adventures with Asperger's, trains, tractors, and high explosives John Elder Robison RC553.A88 R6355 2013 Asperger's
Reflections on growing up disabled Reginald Jones HV888 .R43 1983  First had accounts of disabled persons as well as parents of disabled children
Retard Diane O’Reilly LC4601 .O73 1989  Mental Retardation
Retarded isn’t stupid, mom! Sandra Kaufman HV894 .K383 1988  Mental Retardation
Reversals : a personal account of victory over dyslexia Eileen Simpson  RC394.W6 S55  Dyslexia
Ride together: a brother and sister's memoir of autism in the family Judy Karasik RJ506 .A9 K355 2003 Autism
Riding the bus with my sister: a true life journey Rachel Simon PS3569.I4845 Z473 2003 Mental Retardation
The siege: the first eight years of an autistic child  Clara Claiborne Park RJ506.A9 P3 1972 Autism
Somebody somewhere : breaking free from the world of autism Donna Williams RC553.A88 W555 1994 Autism 
Someone like me: an unlikely story of challenge and triumph over cerebral palsey John W. Quinn RC388 .Q56 2010 CP
Something’s not right: one family’s struggle with learning disabilities, an autobiography Nancy Lelewer LC4705 .L45 1994  LD
Son-rise Barry Neil Kaufman RJ506.A9 K38 1976 Autism
Sounds like home: growing up black and deaf in the South Mary Herring Wright eBooks on EBSCOhost  Deaf
Special kind of hero: Chris Burke’s own story  Chris Burke PN2287.B79 A3 1991 Down Syndrome
Spelling love with an X : a mother, a son, and the gene that binds them Clare Dunsford  RJ506.F73 D86 2007 Fragile X, Mental retardation
Spirit of Lo  Terry & Don Detrich RC858 .C95 D48 2000 Cystic Fibrosis
There's a boy in here Judy Barron and Sean Barron RC553.A88 B37 1992 Autism
Thinking in pictures : and other reports from my life with autism Temple Grandin RC553.A88 G74 1995 Autism
Tiger’s child Torey Hayden RJ507 .A29 H39 1995 Child Abuse
Twitch and shout : a touretter's tale Lowell Handler RC375 .H37 1998  Tourette's
Under running laughter: notes from a renegade classroom Quincy Howe, Jr. LC4093 .N5 H69 1991  Social disabilities
Under the eye of the clock : the life story of Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolan PR6064.O39 U5 1989 Cerebral Palsy (Ireland)
Unwelcome companion: an insider’s view of Tourette Syndrome Rick Fowler RC375 .F69 1996 Tourette's
When Libby lost her smile Naomi Parker PS3616 .A75 W44 2010 Brain trauma
You will dream new dreams: inspiring personal stories by parents of children with disabilities Stanley Klein HQ759.913 .Y68 2001 Collection of essays by parents of children with various disabilities
You’re going to love this kid: teaching students with autism in the inclusive classroom Paula Kluth LC4718 .K58 2003 Autism